Twitter Releases New Real-Time Search Widget

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July 24, 2009 – For a company that basically defined the idea of “real-time”, it seemed funny that Twitter’s own search capabilities weren’t also available in real-time, until now.

Tech Crunch is reporting that Twitter has just launched a new search widget that will allow users to search for posts in their areas of interest in real-time. The widget works by allowing users to create a search query with a title and caption, which will then be built into the input fields. Users can then grab the code they created and put it on a separate Web page, allowing them to view new posts in real-time on that specific subject.

The widget also has advanced real-time search capabilities, allowing Twitter fans to use “OR” to connect related keywords for their search. For example, users can type in SEO OR @SEO OR #SEO to get all the latest SEO posts as they are published. This is the first official Twitter widget to provide these options.

OK, Twitter, keep ’em coming!

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