What Not To Do On Twitter

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Some people may balk at the notion of having to be polite on Twitter, and perhaps for personal accounts there is more flexibility in this area – though not much. As of now, Twitter etiquette doesn’t involve complicated rules, just basic consideration for other users that especially apply to Twitter business profiles. After all, community building is the root of social media, and Twitter is a prime example of the strength of that promise.

For businesses to succeed on Twitter they need to do more then just plug their product all day, but what shouldn’t they do?
When considering how to set up and best use your Twitter account, you need to keep in mind that everything about your profile is a direct representation of your brand.
Basically, if you wouldn’t say something to a customer in person, you shouldn’t post it on Twitter.
Although for some people this is a given, the relative casualness of chatting on the Internet can breed some bad decision-making. This is especially true when you take off your marketing hat to occasionally interact with users on a more personal level.
This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a sense of humor, make jokes, or discuss news or ideas not directly aimed at your business (in fact, experts encourage it).
It does mean however, that you should refrain from posts that:
  • Attack other users
  • Discuss your employees without their permission
  • Have misspellings or confusing grammar (outside of the Twitter norms)
  • Discuss private conversations publicly (use the DM function for this)
  • State facts or opinions you don’t want users to find later (every post is searchable)
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