Twitter’s Suggested Users List – Who Should You Follow?

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July 17, 2009 –  Still not sure who to follow on Twitter, maybe Twitter can help you out with that. Twitter’s Suggest Users list names the 241 people that Twitter thinks you should be following, but how does Twitter decide who is worthy enough to make the cut?

According to Twitter’s Blog:

We’ve explained that the Suggested Users list is a bit like your local book store’s staff picks but there’s a little more to it than that. Our Chief Scientist developed a program that scans active Twitter accounts for a bunch of key ingredients such as how much of the profile is filled out, certain indications that the account is interesting to others in some respects, and a few other signals.This program then generates a list of potentially interesting Twitter accounts that myself and some product team folks here at Twitter take a look at for another set of criteria. For example, is the account a good introduction to Twittering for a new user? Does the person or organization running the account have a fairly wide or mainstream appeal? If they are a celebrity or business, have we confirmed it’s really them?

Finally, we’ll do a gut check internally with a couple folks before adding them to the Suggested Users list. The list continues to grow and change although only a subset of twenty accounts are randomly displayed as suggestions during the new user signup process. Twitter is not paid to include accounts in this list. The Suggested Users feature exists to do a job-it makes Twitter more relevant and valuable to users. All that being said, when we find out Oprah starts Twittering for real we may very well put her on the list.

The list is separated into categories, which should help you narrow down the choices based on your particular interests, and like all “best of” lists, there is always debate over why one is technically a better choice than another. Take it with a grain a salt. Lists like these, and the mega lists from mashable, and even followformation are all good ways to get you started when your getting set up on Twitter and don’t know who to follow or how to find them. Just don’t feel like you have to follow everyone on those lists to get the most out of your profile.

After you start following a few people and getting followers of your own you’ll be presented with tons of new profiles, some great, some lackluster and it will be a constant process of meeting and learning from new Twitterers all the time. That’s kinda the point.

Check out a great article about the Twitter’s Suggested Users list on Search Engine Land.

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