Two Ways to Gather Client Testimonials

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We hope our past blogs have convinced you that client testimonials are a must forimproving your online integrity and boosting your website SEO. Now that you’re on the testimonial bandwagon you’re probably wondering – how do I get these testimonials?

There are two ways to get client testimonials – naturally and by request. Natural testimonials are obviously the easiest to obtain, but it takes a little work to identify them and make them work for your needs. Requesting testimonials takes some effort, but the payoff is definitely worth it!

Natural testimonials are somewhat hidden in your professional correspondence with your clients. They can be tucked away in an e-mail or found floating on your social media pages. Basically, any time a client naturally praises your business without any encouragement from your company, they’re giving a natural testimonial to your services.

To use a natural testimonial you must still get permission from the client that wrote the original statement. Even though it may have been posted on your social network page, it’s just good practice to make sure that your clients are comfortable with their name (even abbreviated) to be used in promotion of your business.

Requested testimonials take a bit more work, but they can often be targeted to highlight certain aspects of your business. For example, if you are a personal injury law firm and just won a case for a dog bite victim, you may request they provide a testimonial focused on certain unique aspects of their case. If you made a special visit to the hospital to deliver papers, or won additional compensation for their permanent disfigurement, those are details you’ll want them to highlight in their testimonial.

When requesting a client testimonial you want to be humble and avoid coming off as pushy. It can be very beneficial to draft an e-mail template to request this favor from your clients and give them several options for how to give the testimonial. Some clients will be happy to reply with a short paragraph or two via e-mail, while others may wish to give a phone testimonial to be transcribed for your web content. Whichever they choose, make sure you are prepared to gather it when they agree to give their praise about your business!

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