Unica Launches Universal Web Page For Analytics, Personalization

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October 19, 2009 – Unica is releasing a universal web tag that aims to combine emailing marketing, behavioral targeting, analytics, and other personalization features into a single web application by feeding data into a dashboard.

According to an article on Mediapost, the new application looks to solve common integration problems from using multiple tracking programs by creating a single interface where customers can easily customize, test, and track the performance of their online campaigns.

The application, called Unica Interactive Marketing OnDemand, can be a great tool for marketers looking to track a variety of information including their visitor’s recent activity and interests, bids for search terms, managing online channels, affiliates, and more.

The OnDemand application is built for businesses who require interactive marketing management, but aren’t large enough to support NetInsights, Unica’s flagship management tool used by companies like Best Buy, Comcast, and Time Warner.

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