Update Your Twitter Lists with Descriptions

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November 19, 2009 – There’s been a lot of talk lately about the all the recent upgrades to Twitter, including the new Twitter Lists that allow user to create public or private listings of Twitter profiles. In fact, We Do Web Content created our own Twitter List – Lawyers Using Twitter.

Now Twitter is introducing a new upgrade to the Twitter List feature, adding a description of your list. Previously, your title alone was the only way to communicate the purpose of your list (which is still necessary), but with the added description feature, users can now give a little more detail about the purpose and scope of their specific lists up to 100 characters.

You can add a description to any of your existing lists by clicking on the “edit list” button. Look out for more list and feature improvements on Twitter in the near future. They seem to be on a roll!

If you are a lawyer who actively uses Twitter to market your firm and would like to be added to We Do Web Content’s “Lawyers Using Twitter” list, follow us on Twitter or fill out our contact form!

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