Use Guest Bloggers to Drive up Traffic

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November 16, 2010 – Internet marketing involves a give and take relationship between you and your fellow bloggers. A friendly nod to another blog can help you gain a whole new stream of traffic, and it’s all to the magic of linking.

One of the popular methods of promoting your blog can be accomplished by guest blogging.
Having guests is a commonly recognized method of driving up hype across numerous platforms, especially for TV shows. It works both ways, either a prominent actor appears on a show to boost ratings, or an up-and-coming actor uses a guest spot on a popular show to get their name out there.

Guest blogging is much like guest stars on a sitcom. You as a newly-launched blog can connect to a well-established blog and write a guest post. This is especially useful if you connect with blogs that have an obvious connection or similarity to your own. If you are a locally-dependant business you should look for similar businesses in your area with which to do a blog exchange.

Even if you’re well established in the blogging world for your industry you can always benefit from showing your content to some fresh faces.
Invite other bloggers to have a guest post on your blog as well. When you link to their blog, they’ll get increased traffic from your viewers, making them happy. In turn, their readers are going to hop over to your blog to read the content their favorite blogger wrote and they’ll also be exposed to your content.

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Blog trades benefit everyone!

This is a cycle of content that’s beneficial to everyone. You get new readers from the other blog, the other blog gets exposure to your readers, and the readers get to see a bunch of new content!

The best part of guest blogging is that it really doesn’t take much more effort than your usual blogging schedule.
Instead of writing and posting a blog to your own account, you post it to someone else’s, or you post someone else’s blog content to your page. Either way, you get your daily/weekly post done, and you increase your linking in/out credentials that the search engines look for.

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