Use SEO Content to Save Money on Customer Service

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September 8, 2009 – Customer service is truly the backbone of any company whether they are brick and mortar or ecommerce only. While you may need a call center to handle questions and orders, the last thing you want is having your customer service representatives spending all their time explaining basic components of your company, versus ringing up sales.

That’s where great SEO content can step in. The more relevant information you have on your website about how your company operates, your return and shipping policies, product information, and the like in an easily searchable and readable area of your website, the more money you can save on customer service calls to frequently address these concerns. Now don’t get me wrong, people will always have questions, and even if you provide clear and valuable answers to every question you have ever been asked about your business on your website, people will still call with questions if you give them the option.

However, if you can address the majority of those concerns through your Frequently Asked Questions, or other SEO keyword infused content pages, you can significantly decrease the amount of time your CSR’s spend on the phone answering those same questions over and over again.

SEO Content Should = Relevant Information

SEO content by design serves the main purpose of informing your customers. Does your website contain most of the relevant content necessary for your potential client to make an informed purchase, or are basic elements missing your website that forces those customers to email you, call, or just leave for another website that does provide clearer information?

If your customer service reps keep telling you they are being asked the same thing over and over again, and that information does not exist anywhere on your website (or is not easily findable), it’s time start looking at your SEO content and the overall organization of your website.

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