Use Your Content to Become a Guru of Your Industry

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Blog Series: Finding Your Content Niche

May 5, 2011 
– Think about the people we consider to be the top dogs in their field. What do most high-profile professionals have in common? They publish a lot of content.

Books, articles, research journals…depending on your profession there are a ton of venues through which your content can be made public. The more places your industry expertise appears the more well known your name will become in regards to your area of business.

By publishing content in multiple venues you spread your reach to more eyes and gather more attention.
 With a good content schedule and a plethora of ideas to discuss you’ll soon become a “household name” when it comes to your business. This is how you gain notoriety in your industry – a guru of your business type!

When clients search for information on your industry they start to identify with repetition. If your name is the common thread among articles, blogs and books on your area of business, they’ll begin to associate you with what they need. The more relevant content your websites have to offer, the more integrity you give your name as a source of trusted information.

At We Do Web Content we help our clients make sure their content is unique, relevant and always factual. Every piece we produce is run through multiple editors, plagiarism protection, and fact-checked so it’s unique, accurate, and informative.


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