Use Your Web Content for Lawyers to Influence Your Readers

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As you begin writing web content for lawyers, you need to have a purpose for writing. For some attorney web content, the focus will be to attract new clients, while other lawyers will want to use their web content to establish themselves as an expert in their area of law, which may actually go hand-in-hand with the former. Whatever your reason for wanting quality content, write it with a specific goal in mind.

Overall, web content for lawyers should influence your readers. It should inform them and inspire them to take action. If you’ve been diligent in learning about your target audience you should have a pretty good picture of what types of attorney web content wins them over. Now you need to further develop that content to not only impress, but to inspire action.

Creating Web Content for Lawyers to Promote Client Reaction

The best thing you can do for your content to make it work for your law firm’s marketing strategy is to develop it with the right calls to action. A call to action is the message within the content that spurs a client to do something after reading.

Take for example a personal injury law firm that focuses on motorcycle accidents. There are several calls to action that your attorney web content may suggest clients take like:

  • order a copy of your eBook;
  • subscribe to your monthly motorcycle safety newsletter;
  • get their bike inspected for a recent motorcycle safety recall;
  • learn about the new motorcycle law in your state; or
  • contact your office to see if they need a lawyer for their injury case.

As you can see, some of these calls to action are purely beneficial to the client – which is important. You don’t want all of your attorney web content to be self-serving. In the case of web content for lawyers, informative content is the key to establishing yourself as a knowledgeable resource, an expert in your field. And what’s more influential than an expert?

Your Professional Status Supports Your Web Content’s Influence

For the calls to action that direct clients to interact with your firm, whether ordering an eBook or scheduling an appointment, the content surrounding that call to action needs to inspire them to do so. Think about influential people in society – they have certain attributes that make them influential. It may be a degree or a role in society, but there’s something that makes people listen to them.

If you’re an excellent lawyer, your attorney web content should convey that. When web content for lawyers is full of well-written, specific information that resonates with clients, it’s not only more memorable, it’s more trustworthy. Don’t be shy about mentioning your latest settlement amounts or the award you received from the state bar – you want to give your clients something to brag about!

What’s that – clients brag about their attorneys? If they have a great one, they sure do! When people ask their friends if they know a good lawyer, it’s like a status symbol to be able to say, “Oh I know the greatest lawyer, let me get you her number.” How would you like to hear clients saying, “Oh I know a great personal injury attorney, (your name here) wrote the book on injury claims from car accidents in Orlando, let me get you his number.”

People love to show that they have the best of the bunch for anything – cars, computers, and legal counsel. Producing quality attorney web content and establishing a reputation for having the latest information on your area of legal expertise could make you the Ferrari of the personal injury attorney culture in your community!

Our Web Content for Lawyers Aims to Influence Your Clients

You know you’re a great attorney, but does your attorney web content convey that message? We Do Web Content has been writing web content for lawyers from day one and we know how to make good lawyers even greater in the eyes of their potential clients.

If you haven’t been getting the leads you want or just can’t quite bridge the gap between interested reader and new clients, we can help. From eBooks that establish your authority as a voice of knowledge in your legal field, to engaging newsletters that keep your clients referring you to more friends, our attorney web content can work for your law firm!

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