Use Your Web Content for Lawyers to Win Over Clients

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Web content for lawyers – do it right or don’t do it at all!

At We Do Web Content we’re dedicated to staying on top of the web content world and always looking for new, innovative ways to develop the best attorney web content and content for other business professionals. Attending conferences is one of the ways we inspire new content strategies and share our expertise, and recently our in-house writer, Lisa Melegari, attended WordCamp Atlanta where she participated in some great talks about how content is the cornerstone of web marketing.

In the past, law firms had to rely on word of mouth marketing to get the attention of new clients. Today, web content for lawyers is taking off, and we’re here to show you how your web content can win over clients old and new!

Creating Web Content for Lawyers: First Learn About Your Target Audience

Before you starting writing web content, for lawyers it’s important to know what subjects are both appropriate and interesting to the target audience. Family law attorneys need to be sensitive to the type of content they promote, as they can be dealing with some delicate subjects.

Clients looking for a family law attorney are looking for legal help regarding their exact scenario. They don’t just want a divorce attorney, they want the “divorce attorney in Memphis who knows how to handle a divorce when the couple has a child and one spouse is considering moving out of state, but both want custody and visitation rights.” You don’t need to focus your attorney web content on that specific scenario, but keeping client profiles like that in mind is what helps drive you to create content that reaches the client market you’re targeting.

Take a look at your current practice – is there a common type of case you see more often than others? This could be a niche you can target with good attorney web content! If you don’t see any patterns, some questions you may want to investigate include:

  • What level of education does my typical client have?
  • How old are my ideal clients?
  • What are my clients’ biggest fears, concerns, and questions?
  • Do my clients have families, are they business professionals, are they companies?

You Have an Audience – Use Your Web Content to Win Them Over

You may have heard the saying, “You can’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.” There’s a bit of wisdom there that you may apply to your attorney web content strategy. You should look at the process of hiring an attorney from the eyes of your client to better understand what type of web content they’re looking for.

Thinking from your clients’ perspective, what would impress you the most if you read it on an attorney’s website? Web content for lawyers can be pretty dry if it’s not written with clients’ needs in mind. Your clients are not legal experts and some may not respond to “legalese” and statutes – they may respond better to easy to understand information that addresses their current needs.

Look at past cases and think about what your current and former clients say led them to your law firm. Did you have the best attorney web content pertaining to Tennessee alimony payment options? Did your blog post on tips for holiday gatherings for a joint custody family attract your latest client with its insightful yet compassionate information? When you learn what content is driving new clients and inspiring old ones, you can develop your focus on writing the best attorney web content for your target audience.

Get the Best Web Content for Lawyers

At We Do Web Content, creating the best web content for lawyers is one of our main focuses. We’ve been providing legal articles, blog content, eBooks and newsletters to law firms across the U.S. in nearly every branch of law. Attorney web content should be professional, informative, ethical, and accurate, but shouldn’t abandon its personality.

Don’t trust a generic web content site to produce quality, relevant web content for lawyers. Working with a service that specifically provides content for lawyers is the way to go when you want engaging content that draws in new clients!

To get started, give us a call or visit our contact page to learn about all of the services we offer to help grow your legal practice with unique web content for lawyers. 888-594-5442.