Using Facebook for Business – Are fads good for business?

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Do you remember suddenly seeing your female friends posting a random color as their status update? People were baffled for a few weeks until finding out it was a trend to show support in the fight against breast cancer by posting the color of your bra. These Facebook fads often make the news, but they never seem to stick around for long.

When a Facebook fad generates national attention, many who use Facebook for business see it as a prime opportunity to increase exposure. But stepping too far outside of your business’ comfort zone could cost you. The following tips can help keep your business up on the latest trends without being too unprofessional.

Ask Yourself: Would I do it on my personal Facebook page?

If you have a personal, public Facebook profile on which you interact with clients and colleagues, ask yourself if the fad is something you’d follow on your own profile. Your business is a reflection of yourself and vice-versa. If you run a casual, quirky business, you might get away with doing some of the sillier fads like inserting emoticons in your posts. But if you keep your personal profile straight-laced and no-nonsense, steer clear of unprofessional trends.

Think about What the Fad is Promoting or with What It Is Associated

Everybody has their own personal views and ideas. Everybody has their own political beliefs. And we all have opinions about news stories and political movements. Some fads are meant to promote these beliefs. Should your business participate, thus promoting it, too?

While participating in such a fad on your personal, private page may be acceptable, doing so on your business page may not be appropriate. Carefully assess Facebook fads with the following points in mind.

  • Will this offend anyone who doesn’t share certain views?
  • Is this in bad taste?
  • Will this affiliate my business with any group or organization with which I do not wish to be associated?
  • Could this get me in any legal conflict?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of those questions, it’s a fad you should skip.

The Answer Isn’t Always No

Not all Facebook fads are unprofessional. One popular Internet fad that can be appropriate for all types of business is Throwback Thursday, in which Facebook users post old pictures or articles from their past. For people, it’s could be an old high school yearbook photo or video from a childhood birthday party. For businesses, it could be the newspaper clipping from the opening day of your restaurant or pictures of breaking ground on your first permanent office space.

Another popular fad is to theme your posts for days of the week. Motivational Mondays to share positive news related to your business or Trending Tuesdays to share hot topics related to your industry or community.

Instead of Following the Fads, Be a Trendsetter

While there’s merit to following some Facebook fads and showing your business is “in the know” about current trends, there’s also merit to marching to the beat of your own drummer. There’s still no match for the power of quality, unique content to entice client engagement and conversion through your social media accounts.

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