Watch for Duplicate Content when Optimizing Web Content for Google Panda

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Blog Series: Revisiting Your Google Panda Web Content Optimization

November 26, 2011 – Today’s topic on Web optimization for Google Panda tackles a long-standing problem in content marketing: duplicate content.

This week in our Searchcore blog we discussed how Google looks at duplicate and syndicated content. Today we’re sharing some tips on how to check if you’re suffering from this issue and our suggested fixes.

First, as you begin Web content optimization you need to review your website entries for duplicate content. Have you ever tried to post an article or blog entry, only to sit there for what seems like an eternity as the progress bar chugs along? You may mash the “submit” button a few times in frustration until it finally uploads successfully.

When you do this, there’s a chance that you could be posting multiple instances of a content entry. This creates unintended duplicate content, which Google Panda may notice and in turn penalize your website.As you review your website for Web optimization and Panda appeasement, check that there are no duplicate entries in your content management system and delete any that you find.

The other thing you need to think about is where your content is syndicated. Syndicated content IS allowed in Web content optimization for Google Panda. At the basic level, your content is housed on your own website or blog, which is where all of your linking should take place so you’re driving traffic to your home base.

When you also submit your content to reputable websites such as PR Newswire, or you should make sure that you include some sort of disclaimer attributing the content to your own site. Some article submission sites don’t allow this, but they may have already been cleared by Google or have another method of attribution in their process.

At We Do Web Content we take care when posting our quality, custom content to our clients’ sites and check that no duplication is taking place. Part of our article marketing services involves vetting out the most reputable, high-ranking article submission sites so our clients’ content is circulated in the safest methods possible.

We hope you’ve learned a bit more about optimizing Web content to cooperate with the new rules of Google Panda. Remember that the team at We Do Web Content is always here to help your business stay on top of the search engine scene, not only with quality, relevant content but also with Internet marketing strategies and social media outreach!

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