Ways to Define Your Target Audience

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April 16, 2010 –  You don’t represent every client that comes through your doors, so why should you waste effort targeting clients you don’t want? Knowing your target audience and marketing specifically to them is not only efficient marketing strategy but also healthy for your practice. When your client leads are all relevant cases that you’d be willing to take on, you can build a target client base.

Knowing your target audience goes beyond the basics of what your ideal client is like. Demographics are a great tool for deciding on keywords, but you really need to think about what content the clients you are targeting are looking to find on your site. If you’re a personal injury lawyer, they’re going to expect blogs on traffic accidents and product recalls, not real estate fraud.

Some things to consider when determining your target audience:

  • am I looking for a specific age/income range or other demographic?
  • am I looking to represent the defense or the plaintiff?
  • which of my practice areas do I want to focus on the most?
  • what are the kinds of questions my target clients are asking?

The answers to these questions can be found by research, either through statistical data from research companies, self-conducted surveys, or keyword searches with Google’s keyword tool. Don’t just learn how your target clients are searching, but WHAT they’re searching for. Then give it to them.

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