Ways to Make Common Law Firm News Interesting

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December 28, 2010 – Significant events at your law firm such as moving to a new office or starting a new marketing campaign may be interesting to your office, but it’s a bore to your clients. That is, if you’re just announcing it as a matter-of-fact press release. There are some great ways to look at common office news and turn it into relatable, interesting content for your clients…and all it takes is a little creative content generation!

#1 – Promoting Your New Office

Whether you’re just moving or opening a new branch, a new office can be a great bit of news buzz to liven up your blog or newsletter. But your clients aren’t interested in just an address and a picture, they want to know how this affects THEM. To make the most of a new office announcement you need to think about what your clients want to know.

How will parking be? What’s the best way to get there from the main roads? Will there be changes in your operations? What new features will this office have that makes it better than the old one? Are office hours changing?

Answer these questions, and any others you may hear, and you’ll have a great informative news piece rather than a bland announcement! (and don’t forget the pictures!)

#2 – Starting a New Website or Blog

This is another bit of news that is only interesting to your clients if you show how it affects them. Explain what the goal of the new Internet site is and how it will benefit them as a client. Maybe it’s a blog about traffic accidents in your area and how an attorney could benefit those in similar situations. Or it could be a new website showcasing all of your eBooks and consumer guides, so your clients know exactly where to go for the information they want and need. Remember, it’s not about just stating that a change is taking place, but showing your readers all the potential benefits of that change!

#3 – Adding New Partners or Staff

Don’t just announce new staff members or partners with a picture and a short bio – those should already be on your main website anyway! Instead, take a fun approach to introducing the new addition to your legal family with something like a short Q&A with the incoming staff member. You’ll also want to make sure your clients are hearing how this new addition will benefit their relationship with your law firm.

Will this new partner provide a new branch of legal services to your clients? Will they help reduce the time it takes to respond to client inquiries? Don’t give your clients time to fear the addition of a new staff member could mean fees go up – make them realize how much more you can offer with an expanded team!

#4 – Getting New Legal Accolades

Sometimes when a lawyer gets a new accreditation or recognition and announces it to their clients it’s seen as bragging and nothing more. To avoid this, you need to show your clients how this benefits their relationship with you. Receiving an award based on your legal abilities is proof positive that you offer excellent service above and beyond a typical attorney – something that you should stress to clients new and old alike.

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