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December 14, 2011 – A few weeks back as the holiday gifting season began to ramp up, we released our Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Lawyers 2011 Edition blog after the success of previous years. This year was no exception, and our Google Analytics prove it!

Last year’s blog ranked as our 14th most popular page this month, and the 2011 edition is close behind with rank #16. Not only was this a huge jump for a piece of content that’s only been live for 2 1/2 weeks, but it also garnered response from a company we mentioned AND another company with a similar product we featured looking for a little blog love (which we are happy to provide!)

First up, we received a nice Facebook message from the head of the Approach the Bench Chess Set, thanking us for the mention in our gift guide. We replied back and told them we were glad to showcase off a great small business like theirs and wished them luck in the future.

Their promptness in monitoring their analytics showed them that our page was referring page hits to theirs – and because they took the initiative to investigate who we are and then thank us, they get another mention today! Check out their chess set for lawyers – it’s truly beautiful!

Our second interaction came in the form of a contact request through our website. This was from a company called Professional Games Inc. that publishes LAWSUIT! The Board Game. They asked that if we do another holiday gift guide, if we wouldn’t mind mentioning their game as a gift idea. We checked out their website and it’s totally worth a mention!

Not only is their website well themed, but we also have to give them props for creating a great social interaction environment. They’ve got their Facebook page button, a blog, and their contact page all conveniently nested in game-related graphics.

We also commend them on taking the initiative to give us a shout to ask for a link to their product – there’s no shame in asking like-minded websites and blogs to share your content (provided you share back!).

The game itself seems to be an awesome gift for lawyers with families of school-age children. It’s appropriate for ages 8+ and adults, too, and looks like it could be a great way to teach your kids about your profession, or have a good laugh with your law school buddies.

The takeaway from all this blog feedback love is that when your own blog gets any sort of mention, comments, or discussion – jump on it! Don’t leave commentary hanging, even if they just say “great post” – give them a short “thanks for reading” to let them know that you value user feedback and interaction.

Even responses to criticism or bad press are a necessary task that any good website needs to follow through on. While you don’t want to be nasty in your reply, you do want to take this opportunity to defend yourself or remedy a problem. Do be cautious in how far the discussion goes – if it gets too personal or heated you may want to take it to a more private channel such as email.

We Do Web Content wishes you and your website, blog, and social media pages a comment-filled holiday season!

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