We Do Web Content Officially Launches Our FREE E-Book

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November 24, 2009 – We Do Web Content, your favorite resource for SEO news, online marketing tips, and expert SEO copywriting, is proud to announce the official launch of our FREE E-Book, Stop Paying Per Click: Get FREE Internet Leads.

Stop Paying Per Click is our beginner’s guide to understanding search engine optimization and how you can generate traffic to your website (and free leads!) through search engine marketing without having to pay for costly PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns. The book also talks about web content development, social media, and other online marketing strategies that help your website achieve higher search engine rankings and organic search engine results.

You can also check out our Stop Paying Per Click press release, and visit our website to get your own copy of the FREE E-Book as well as learn more about our SEO content and online marketing services!

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