We Do Web Content Proud to Contribute to Firm’s Success

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3,847+ visits per month, 10 solid case leads, 5 to 10 Web contacts per week, and #1 on Google for their legal niche – these are the amazing results our clients, Phillips & Garcia P.C.–consumer class action and personal injury lawyers in Massachusetts–had after having their website designed by Foster Web Marketing and having We Do Web Content write/post fresh and relevant content to their site daily after its launch in late January 2010!

We are proud to have been a part of this firm’s online success!

In Volume 3, Issue 4 of Foster Web Marketing’s newsletter, Carlin Phillips, co-founder of Phillips & Garcia P.C., shares the firm’s success story with its subscribers. 

The firm needed a solid marketing plan and they found it with the Foster Web Marketing (FWM) team. As FWM began developing the design elements and coding of the firm’s new website, Phillips & Garcia fell behind on their marketing efforts. That changed when they landed a high-profile case–a pioneering wrongful foreclosure suit against Bank of America–and they began getting press from all across the country and had no website to direct people to!


FWM stepped up to the plate and worked with Phillips & Garcia to rush the launch of their basic website. Once they had a site to direct interested clients to, they brought in We Do Web Content to give them something to read.

A mix of blogging by the attorneys at Phillips & Garcia, combined with a 14-week content strategy made up of custom, well-researched articles written by We Do Web Content proved to be the final step to marketing success for the firm. In just 3 short months, the firm went from having no website to one with nearly 4,000 unique visitors, at least 10 solid case leads since their debut in Internet marketing, and 5 to 10 new client contacts rolling in per week.

If these are the kind of results your law firm is looking for, request a FREE copy of our consumer report, Stop Paying Per Click, Get Free Internet Leads. You can also contact us today for more information on how you can bolster your online marketing efforts with search engine optimized Web content – 1-888-521-3880.