Web 2.0 Easier in Theory Than Practice for Larger Firms

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August 4, 2009 – Social networking and other Web 2.0 developments have been steadily increasing over the past few years, especially on the corporate level, but that doesn’t mean every major US company has a Facebook page or videos on Youtube, according to a new report from Jakob Nielsen (via ReadWriteWeb).

Nielsen’s new 168 page report followed 14 companies in 6 countries, asking them about their Web 2.0 strategies and social networking, ideas that these companies are at least by now marginally familiar with. Their response — “talk to us next year”.

It follows some logic that a major international corporation (Sprint, Intel, and Johnson & Johnson were a few of the companies featured in the report) would want to strategically decide on any new advertising or online marketing plan before going full throttle into the realm of social media, but at this point you’d think they’d be a bit closer to actually implementing something.

Small businesses have the advantage when it comes to trying out new technologies and platforms, and large industry-wide changes always take a bit longer to get to the highest levels of corporate culture, but hopefully the big guys will hop on the bandwagon soon or risk spending the next few years in a VERY long game of catch-up.

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