Web Browsers: Did You Know You Have a Choice?

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August 27, 2009 – When it comes to web browsers, most average PC users thought they basically had to use IE (internet explorer), then Mozilla Firefox came around and started getting some traction, and a lot of people switched over. If you had a MAC, most likely you used some version of Safari, and as far as the average non-techy goes, those 3 services are basically the beginning and end of web browsing options.

In reality, not so.

Mashable has put together a great list of alternative web browsers who are sick and tired of the horrible and ongoing issues with IE 6, but perhaps were not entirely aware that they have the choice to go elsewhere. After all, that little IE button is on every PC desktop I’ve ever seen.

Break free of IE and get to browsing without all the crashing and hullabaloo.

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