Web Content Development: Keep Your Visitor’s Goals in Mind

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November 24, 2009 – Deciding what SEO content to include on your website should be based on research and thoughtful consideration. The good news is that since search engines love and expect a constant influx of fresh content, you’ll always have the opportunity to add specific topics to your content library. The best strategy to begin thinking about topics to cover in your SEO content however, is even simpler, just start putting yourself in your visitor’s shoes.

When people go to search engines and type in a keyword or phrase to search, they have a specific goal in mind. Whether they are looking for a service, an answer to a question, etc., the reason they are searching is to find something. This fact may seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many people forget about the point of search when writing SEO content for search engines.

Start thinking about the visitors that currently find your website and the visitors you want to find your website. Ask yourself questions such as:

  1. What information are your visitors/Internet searchers looking for?
  2. Does that information exist on your website, and if so, are there other keywords, etc. you can add to get that content better optimized for search engine results?
  3. If that content does not exist, how can you create a satisfying user experience that addresses that topic on your website?
  4. What form should that content take? Examples include – articles, blogs, FAQs, landing pages, E-Books, etc.
  5. Are you using your keywords appropriately? Just using a keyword isn’t enough if you aren’t providing the information about that keyword your visitors are expecting (i.e. – writing an article about car accident causes vs. car accident injuries vs car accident lawsuits, and so on)

When you can start looking at your traffic, keywords, and goals and compare those to the keywords and goals of your target audience, you’ll start seeing SEO content opportunities that will help add value and traffic to your website.

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