Web Content Strategies for Lawyers: Building a Site is Just the Beginning

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September 29, 2009 – Creating and maintaining a website for your legal firm is a fantastic way to build your online reputation, generate new leads for your practice, and grow your firm. What’s important to remember though, is that just building a website and then letting it just sit there won’t help you at all.

Building a website is just the beginning of establishing your web presence. Search engines send theircrawlers and bots out on a regular basis to help determine your search engine rankings and what terms your web pages will show up for specific keyword rankings. In order to achieve and maintain high search rankings, your website needs to constantly produce fresh, relevant content.

Creating a website and adding a few pages of content will not get your website found or allow it to show up in search engine results, especially in the competition heavy world of legal services. There are dozens of other lawyers in your area fighting for those top slots, and if they are producing 10-20 new articles or blogs every week filled with those keywords, they will be the ones who prosper.

Owning a website is like owning a house — it is never done. A website needs to constantly grow in order to be successful, which means creating new content, editing or removing outdated content, addressing new areas, changes, or concerns within your industry, changing the design, layout, and functionality as needed and adapting to technological changes and advances in Internet and search engine standards.

It may seem like a lot to deal with, but this website is representing your practice and should be handled with the same level of devotion and care as you would extend to your office and clients. If you need any help, you know where to find us!

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