Web Copy Writers Sample: Does Michael Jackson’s Ghost Live at Neverland?

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The famous Michael Jackson home, Neverland Ranch, continues to be an integral part of the Michael Jackson story. When the singer’s death was confirmed in June 2009, fans converged on Neverland to pay tribute to the King of Pop.

The public’s fascination with Neverland continues after his death.
The Today Show and CNN each conducted live tours of Neverland in the days after Jackson’s death.

Does Michael Jackson’s Ghost Reside at Neverland?

In Larry King’s tour on CNN, some fans claimed that a mysterious shadow appeared on the live video.
The shadow appeared at the end of a long hallway, and many speculated that it was Michael Jackson’s ghost.

However, CNN quickly dispelled the rumors, saying that it was merely a crew member at the end of hallway. Still, there’s no mistaking the mystique of Neverland.

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