Web Dominance Shifting from Information to Social

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October 23, 2009 – There is a great article today in TechCrunch that includes a recap of Sean Parker’s talk at the Web 2.0 Summit. Parker is a managing partner at Founder’s Fund and co-founder of Facebook, and his talk centered around the possible future dominance of certain Web properties.

In the talk, Parker discusses his views on why he thinks the next phase of the Internet is moving from “information services” like Google and Yahoo, to more integrated “network services” like Facebook and Twitter. The main reason? By looking at current trends and recent Internet innovations, it seems that “data collecting is less valuable than connecting people.”

Although Parker’s opinions are purely speculative, they do bring up a good point. With the exponential popularity of social networking, which even the major search engines are now integrating with their search results, a significant shift in Internet usage is clearly affecting how people use and respond to the Internet. While Parker admits that Google will not lose any relevancy, it’s the overall dominance of social networking that will step to the forefront.

For business owners and marketers with an online presence, these trends and ideas underscore the need to get involved with social media and begin connecting with customers or risk losing out to competitors with a strong social networking strategy.

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