Website Marketing Tools: Meet the New Data Trend Feature for AdWords

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Google is on a constant mission to improve user experience. This applies for consumers and marketers who rely on the search engine giant to steer the course of daily online activities. Case in point – the most recent addition to Google’s popular website marketing tool, AdWords.

The new feature allows Internet marketers to get a quick snapshot of search traffic and trends broken down by day, week, month or quarter. It seems so basic and necessary a function that one could almost imagine it had always been there. On the contrary, the feature rolled out in mid-August as confirmed by Google Ads, who oversees the service. Let’s take a quick look at what this could mean for your own Internet marketing and SEO efforts.

A Closer Look at the New AdWords Tracking Features

When you are on your AdWords home screen, you will now find a new drop-down menu with the options: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly. Selecting one of those time designations will produce a basic graph charting your search traffic trends. Google designed the feature to: “(Make) it easier and faster to get a customized view of how your performance is trending.” The search engine’s ultimate stated goal is to make things faster and more efficient for web marketers who need to keep constant track of optimized search campaigns.

How You Can Put the AdWords Tracking Feature to Use

The new tracking feature allows you to chart the rise and fall in popularity of search words and phrases. For instance, you can now track whether terms like “emergency vet services Atlanta” or “bike accident help Miami” perform better over weekends and holidays versus during the week.

The quarterly feature allows you to take a step back and survey search performance on a larger scale – Did a search term drop off in the last six months? Was it replaced by a similar but more “trendy” term? How has overall traffic risen/declined in the last quarter and does that coincide with any recent changes to our SEO strategy?

These kinds of website marketing tools and features allow you and your marketing team to better plan a content strategy, including any pay-per-click ad campaigns you run via Google or Facebook.

Metrics: Measuring Your Internet Marketing Success

The new Google AdWords feature is just one of many, many ways to measure, track and evaluate the performance of your Internet marketing efforts. Measuring analytics is critical to ensuring you aren’t wasting time or resources on ineffective or outdated advertising or marketing campaigns. It is important to have the tools in place to measure the effectiveness of any given search term or keyword phrase.

Combing through metrics can be a time-consuming and mind-numbing activity. This is why many companies choose to outsource this task – and many other aspects of SEO – to specialty consultants. These experts can help make heads or tails of such data as “1,365 clicks for ‘Dallas injury lawyer’ in March 2013 versus 321 clicks for ‘Dallas injury attorney’ in the same month.”

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