What Your Website Says About Your Customer Service

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November 13, 2009 – Even if you only have a minimal understanding of how the Internet works, search engine marketing, web design, or online marketing, you need to firmly understand that your website 100% represents your company’s online presence and that any and all content and design you incorporate represents YOUR VOICE and BRAND.

This is a very good argument for making sure you stand by your web design and content 110%, but you also need to understand how these factors affect your customer service in addition to your law firm’s overall presentation. When potential clients visit your website, they are not greeted with a person who can smile at them and answer their questions. They are only greeted with the content you have provided; so when you host a website with your name on it without enough information, you are negatively affecting your attorney-client relationship.

Your web visitor’s overall experience should be the absolute driving force for any change you make to your website. Before you add, redesign, post content, etc. ask yourself:

1) How does this improve my visitor’s web experience?
2) Is this design easy to use, does it promote functionality and clear-cut navigation?
3) Is this content my clients/potential clients are interested in learning more about?
4) Does my website provide enough information about my law firm, services, expertise, practice areas?
5) Does my website answer the most common questions my clients have about my practice/services/etc.?

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