Websites We Love: Popurls

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August 25, 2009 – There’s a whole lotta Internet out there and a lot of web savvy entrepreneurs that have great design and great info to share. At We Do Web Content, we like sharing the websites that we love with our readers, and today’s featured website is a great resource for people who love reading web content for their own pleasure or to stay on the pulse of what’s everyone’s talking about online: Popurls

Looking for a great way to easily locate all the latest news headlines and hot topics from websites likeTwitterDiggDeliciousTechnorati, and more? Then welcome to Popurls, a fantastic dashboard that collects all the latest headlines from popular websites and even lets you customize your view by layout and even background color.

From Flickr photos to Gawker to the Huffington Post, it’s one stop viewing for the headlines you want to see, but may not have the time to check 20 websites to find.

We love Popurls for its simplicity and for making our days here at We Do Web Content just a little easier!

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