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August 17, 2009 – There’s a whole lotta Internet out there and a lot of web savvy entrepreneurs that have great design and great info to share. At We Do Web Content, we like sharing the websites that we love with our readers, and today’s featured website is a great resource for web developers, web designers, and basically anyone who runs a website: A List Apart.

Besides being just beautiful to look at from a design standpoint, A List Apart Magazine featuresgreat articles by notable contributing writers about branding, website design, codes, content, and even web culture. We love their fresh perspective, great usability, and thoughtful content.

Each topic and area of the website is well defined, features clean lines, minimal graphics or ads, and displays content in an easy to read font with simple branded colors. All this simplicity without losing any of the style and sophistication that truly does set the website apart — no pun intended. So if your currently running a website or thinking about a redesign, check out A List Apart Magazine for inspiration and information to help your website grow.

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