What Brands Are Scoring with Social Media?

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July 20, 2009 –  Who doesn’t love a success story? Lots of top , middle, and lower tier brands are struggling to engage with their customers on social media, but some are clearly doing better than others.

Last week we published a report on which airlines were getting great results with their social media profiles on Twitter, and which airlines were still trying to figure out how to post a tweet. This week, Tech Crunch is reporting on a new study by Charlene Li of Altimeter Group and Wetpaint that ranked the top 100 brands who are thriving on social media.

The study rated the brands by their levels of engagement across over 10 social media channels, such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other discussion forums. Below are the top 5 accompanied by their total points:

  1. Starbucks – 127
  2. Dell – 123
  3. eBay – 115
  4. Google – 105
  5. Microsoft – 103

Check out the entire article for more info on the study and what brands made the grade.

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