What can you sell in 140 seconds?

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If you’re looking to become a social media manager for a big company, Pizza Hut is looking – that is if you can sell yourself in 140 seconds or less.

Why 140? That’s the maximum character count of a tweet on Twitter. The idea is that if you can pitch your social media expertise in 140 seconds, you can promote their brand in 140 characters.

The company will be holding interviews for the social media manager position at the SXSW (South by Southwest) event on March 10th. You get 140 seconds to tell them why you’re their next “manager of digital greatness.”

So what does this have to do with We Do Web Content? We’re not trying to become a job referral service – we’re using this interesting story to segue into an important social media marketing topic: content length on Twitter.

Is Twitter right for your business?

Twitter is your short-form social media marketing when you want to pop out timely, bite-sized content to your followers. If you’re looking to impress with lists of statistics and facts, Twitter’s not the place (although you can share a link to this type of content). But if you’re at a conference about your industry and hearing the latest announcements (relevant to your customers, of course) you’ll want to live tweet all the details as they’re announced.

Twitter is one of those social media platforms that may not be for every business. The short nature of the updates and speed at which information flows makes it best for businesses like restaurants and retail stores. It’s a common announcement platform for daily specials, special events and giveaways, and general daily operational news.

There’s a Lot to do in 140 Characters on Twitter

The 140-character limit (117/118 if tweeting a link) is part of the reason many businesses shy away from Twitter. What can you say in just a sentence or two? If your social media team is good – you can say a lot!

Consider that a meta description for your web pages is around 160 characters. If you can shave off 20 characters, you can use this as a tweet when linking to that content. It’s not so hard when you put it that way, right?

A few tips about conserving space on tweets:

  • Use contractions, don’t say “you are” when you can save a character with “you’re” (yes, spaces and punctuation count in tweets!)
  • Use appropriate abbreviations when you can, such as “Dr” for “doctor” but avoid slang like “ur” for “you are” (unless you have a super-casual social media approach).

With a bit of practice you can get your Twitter text down to a manageable 140 characters with no problem. In fact, it’ll become second nature to eyeball a line or two of text to see that it’s tweetable.

We Do Web Content is your 140-character Social Media Solution

Twitter is just one of the many social media marketing platforms We Do Web Content can manage to help grow your business. Contact us today and get in touch with our sales team to learn about the full range of services we provide! Call 888-594-5442.