What Google’s Shared Endorsements Mean to Your Business Page

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For a business page to exist it first requires a personal profile. Business owners know that their name often comes first when promoting their business, so it’s wise to establish a good business profile for your work e-mail address before you go about creating a business page. This advice has been circulating since Google+ pages first began gaining momentum as a business marketing tool and it holds true now more than ever thanks to the latest update.

“Shared endorsements” is the latest feature in Google’s campaign to increase interactions between its services and improve the relevancy and quality of its search.

Here’s How Shared Endorsements Work

Say you buy Janelle Monae’s latest album on Google Play. If you have shared endorsements enabled, the people who have you in their circles may start seeing notices that you purchased that album. Upon opening the Google Play main page, they could see that album featured at the top with a notice saying that you recently purchased the album.

The same sharing goes with reviews of products – if you left a review at a local Italian restaurant’s Google+ Places listing, people who have you in their circles may see your review on that place’s listing.

The good news about this program is that if you choose you can easily turn it off. Just go to your Google+ profile settings and turn shared endorsements off. By default, the box for “Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads” will be checked – just uncheck it and save your changes. Voila! Your profile will no longer be endorsing anything without your permission.

Here’s Where Shared Endorsements May Harm Your Business Page

It’s not only personal profiles affected by the new shared endorsements feature – business pages may opt in or out of the service as well. Just like your personal photo and name, your page’s name and photo can be linked to any contact it interacts with on Google+. So if you’ve connected to other pages, posted to community sites as your page, or engaged in conversations with other pages under your page’s account, you could start seeing your page endorsing other goods and services.

If you keep your page interactions professional, this shouldn’t pose too much of a risk. However, there is always a bit of danger when it comes to allowing your business’ identity to be used to endorse other things without your express consent.

Our advice for Google’s new shared endorsements is to only activate it if you are certain that all of the external content you interact with – web links, communities, hangouts, page-page connections – are strictly professional.

The change doesn’t go into effect until November 11, so you have plenty of time to weigh the pros and cons of leaving your page opted in for shared endorsements. While there’s no way to tell yet, opting out for now is not predicted to have any negative impact on a page’s performance in search results rakings.

Keeping Up With the Latest in Google+ Business Marketing

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