What Holiday Decorating Can Teach You About Internet Marketing

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Besides all of that delicious, calorie-laden food to be had on Thanksgiving, one of the things I enjoy most about Thanksgiving –  or any holiday – is decorating. Without a few holiday decorations around the house, it just doesn’t feel as special to me. Now that I have a baby, this is especially true as I want to teach her family traditions and make the holidays magical for her.

As I stood in line to buy a few new items to add to my arsenal of holiday decorations the other day, I realized that decorating for the holidays is really about repetition. Creating a theme to drive the point home. A well placed blow up turkey here (kidding!), an autumnal candle there, and “Presto!” your guests will surely get in the holiday spirit.


Like holiday decorating, repetition is key when developing SEO content for your website.Repeating main ideas multiple times throughout your site is important for 2 reasons and should be part of any online marketing strategy.

Emphasize Important Ideas

Repetition is important when you want to highlight main ideas for your reader. This is especially true in the Web space where a visitor to your site is likely to scan a web page and move on. Say you’re a retailer who sells those little corn cob prongs you use to eat your corn. There might be 400 other online retailers selling those prongs at the same price with substantially the same design, but your prongs are dishwasher safe and the others aren’t. That sets your product apart from the competitors and you should repeat that theme throughout your site and multiple times on each page, perhaps. Remember, don’t assume your visitor will carefully read every word on a page.

Reach Out to Different Audiences

Repeating important ideas throughout the content on your website also allows you to speak to your different audiences. Get creative and present the same information several times, but in a new way. We recently developed content for a criminal defense law firm. We helped the firm identify their unique selling points and then creatively repeated these selling points throughout their site for the 2 audiences they were speaking to – criminal defendants and their loved ones who might be searching for a lawyer on their behalf.

Remember: Less is Not More

I try to err on the conservative side when decking the halls – no inflatable snowmen or turkey covered tablecloths for me. After all, I want my guests to feel like they are in my home during the holidays not at Walmart. However, the old adage “less is more” doesn’t necessarily ring true for SEO content and repetition of themes.

As we’ve discussed before, the more content you have on your site, the more likely your site is to be found by the search engines and if properly developed, ranked highly. Similarly, the more you repeat key selling points on your site, the more likely those selling points are to register and remain with your reader. With repetition and creative SEO content, hopefully your brand will remain in their minds long after they’ve packed away their holiday decorations.

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