What is a lead magnet? (And why you should care!)

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what is a lead magnet



Lead Magnetnoun – an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information. – DigitalMarketer.com


A lead magnet can take many forms. It might be an offer to download an eBook. It might be an offer for a free product. It might be an offer for a service. Whatever the case, it requires users to give you their contact information – typically an email address – in exchange for the lead magnet offer.

Why You Should Have a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a creative way for you to grow your list. Having a list is a very powerful marketing tool. Growing your list allows you targeted personal contact with the users coming to your website. Most visitors aren’t always ready to buy or hire you at that moment. Therefore, offering a dangling carrot that is relevant to the search or product your offering gives you credibility and is a top of the funnel conversion. Having that users email or contact information is your first step to offering more great content and your awesome services.

How do I begin creating my Lead Magnet?

We would recommend creating a plan for your content and thinking of different solutions your user would like to see or take with them. You might offer a checklist of the five steps to their Social Security process that users can download once they submit their email address. You might offer a comprehensive guide that delves deeper into one of the sub-topics from a broader article.

Once you have that email address, you have another way to market to them with email campaigns or newsletters.

Different Types of Lead Magnets

eBook and Anti-texting Campaign Lead Magnet

eBooks have been a staple for our clients for years. We’ve written hundreds of guides for law firms, the fitness industry and doctors. An eBook is a smart way to repurpose your content, show your expertise, and leave the user with valuable content online and offline.

law blog lead magnet

Legal eGuide lead magnet




Bundle Lead Magnet 

I like using the bundle as a lead magnet for ads. This has been a great way for me to capture new subscribers and additional sales.

lead magnet


Exit pop-up Lead Magnet

An exit pop up lead magnet can be a great way to capture and offer the user specific information before leaving your website giving you another opportunity to engage and capture their email.



lpa-leadmagnet exit pop up



Video or Webinar Lead Magnet

A video or webinar recording is an excellent way to repurpose your content and use as a lead magnet.

video-webinar lead magnet



Creating lead magnets can open up new avenues to market to people who visit your website. We’ll help you create the content and lead magnets you need to start building an email list and converting visitors into clients. Fill out our contact form and let’s talk.

lead magnet download

blog bundle

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