What Makes a Good Article Vs. A Good Blog?

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January 6, 2010 – When planning out the SEO content development of your website, sometimes it’s difficult to decide which topics are right for articles and which should only appear in a blog. To help you better understand finding the right form for your web content, we’ve compiled a handy checklist that looks at each piece of the content puzzle.


Articles are typically longer than blogs, usually 300+ words while blogs are typically under 300 words. This limitation can help as you think about a particular topic. Some topics are rather short and would just make better blogs than articles. Likewise, long, complex ideas are better suited for articles (or a series of articles). However, it is always a good idea to write a blog that gives some information about your new article with a link to the longer piece. That way you get double the content and you are marketing your website’s library as well.

Current Event or Informative Topic

Blogs are immediate, which makes them a great opportunity to write about a current event that is relevant to your business, announce new changes to your company, sales and promotions, etc. This is not the type of information you want in an article that is going to remain in your library, which then quickly looks outdated. The topics that make great articles contain static information that isn’t going to change anytime soon. Think about it this way: blogs are for immediate satisfaction, articles are best suited to information and advice that will still make sense a year from now.

Looking at any topic from different angles will likely give you inspiration for several blogs and articles that all offer value on some specific aspect of that subject. Just keep looking for those web content opportunities!

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