What makes a good eBook topic?

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Blog Series: The Wonderful World of eBooks

September 13, 2011 – Before you begin writing your eBook you need to choose a topic. Not all topics will lend themselves to having an entire eBook dedicated to them, so you’ll need to assess what kind of information you’re interested in giving out.

Informative eBooks are extremely popular because they allow clients to get a lot of their answers about your industry ahead of time. The more they can learn on their own, the better educated they are when they come to seek your professional help. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to the common misconceptions and questions your new clients come in with.


You may also want to consider an eBook with several sub-topics under a core idea. For instance, a personal injury attorney may offer their clients an eBook they wrote on the 10 biggest mistakes a victim can make after they’ve been injured in a car accident. Topics like this are attractive to new clients, because it gives them something to review and compare to their situation. An injured victim may realize they’re guilty of these mistakes and know they should seek your help to avoid more damage.

It’s important to choose topics that appeal to the level of knowledge your clients need. This means avoiding technical jargon about your industry and giving just enough information to wet your client’s whistle. Here’s a few examples of good and bad topic choices:

Bad topic: Filing a Claim of Premises Liability against a Government Entity
Why it’s bad: Most clients know premises liability as “slip and fall” accidents, and only talking about filing a claim against a government entity isn’t an expansive enough topic to create a whole book about.

Good topic: The Timeline of Your Personal Injury Claim
Why it’s good: Clients like to know what to expect through the personal injury claim process, and as long as you keep your content general it should easily fill a 20-30 page eBook without getting too involved.

Making topic choices can be difficult and hinder your eBook process later on. If your topic turns out to be too complex or doesn’t have enough bulk to create enough content, you may be wasting valuable time! We Do Web Content can remove that risk by reviewing your business services and developing several topic choices that best market your business and show off your expertise.

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