What Marketers are Tweeting About

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JetBlue, Comcast, Starbucks, and others jump on the Twitter bandwagon

Major brands including JetBlue, Starbucks, and even the NBA are all reaping the benefits of social networking through the phenomenon of Twitter. Individual users have been happily tweeting exponentially over the past few months, and marketers haven’t lagged too far behind in exploring the possibilities of Twitter for small and large companies alike.

Through Twitter’s real-time, easy to follow structure (Twitter messages, or “tweets” only support up to 140 characters), and booming fan base, businesses can address customer questions instantly, provide news and product updates, or communicate sales promotions. And it seems like those are just the beginning of Twitter’s marketing potential.

Customer Service and Brand Loyalty

Communicating with customers is a major factor in brand loyalty, and companies are using Twitter to connect in exciting new ways.

Brands like Odwalla, The Travel Channel, and Whole Foods use Twitter to instantly address customer service issues including questions about store locations, service complaints, and address comments or concerns.

The personalized touch that results from a large company tweeting back to a customer quickly and addressing them by name fosters the type of closeness that creates brand loyalty. Twitter also creates an amazing opportunity for growth by encouraging constant customer feedback on your products and services.

Embracing social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are key steps to staying in touch with your client’s needs and keeping them interested in your products.

Being able to notify customers about product updates, company news, and sales promotions, can build your brand in ways that traditional media would either be too expensive or too time consuming to employ.

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