What Thanksgiving side dish is your Web content serving?

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Are your website’s visitors coming back for seconds?

Let’s be honest – my favorite part of turkey day is the food. I love it all – from the sacrificial bird to the savory side dishes to the desserts that make for a perfect ending! I stuff myself until it hurts, then give myself a few hours and press REPEAT. I am what you would call a professional Thanksgiving Day glutton.

As easy as it’s devoured however, it’s hard to ignore all of the work that goes into creating a great Thanksgiving meal. It starts with a lot of time and love and several time-honored recipes. Well, not always… occasionally a store-bought dish or dessert makes its way to the table and though it looks fancy, it’s just not memorable. You’ve seen this dish before, right? A portion of it missing, but no one goes back for seconds. That’s because it’s missing that appeal that made all the homemade dishes a hit. So there it stands… alone amongst a sea of empty casserole dishes and pie pans watching as everyone lines up for the next round, hoping for someone to take another taste. But alas, the store-bought dish is once again passed up for a more appealing, homemade option.

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The same holds true when trying to market your business and compete online. You can hire a talented team of Web designers to create a beautiful website, but it won’t be memorable – or profitable – if you don’t invest the time and effort to write content that will keep your visitors engaged and coming back for seconds. Having original, high-quality Web content can help to position your business as a thought leader and the authority of your industry – the house everyone wants to go to for Thanksgiving because they serve the best home cooked meal.

That said, when planning your Thanksgiving meal or your Web marketing strategy, make sure you give love to every element of the design and remember to make your guests feel special by giving them what they want most – great food or great Web content.

So tomorrow at the dinner table when I am asked what I am most thankful for I will say, I am thankful for all the thought and love that went into this bountiful feast.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!