What the iPad Means For Your Website

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April 5, 2010 – This past weekend it looked like Black Friday in front of Apple stores across the country. Lines wrapped around blocks, full of consumers all eager to buy Apple’s latest new gadget: the iPad. What looks like a giant-sized iPhone, the iPad has been touted as the next evolution of how we view traditional print media like magazines and books and panned as a feeble attempt at trying to combine too many other mobile devices into one while missing out on key components.

With a mixed bag of reviews from general consumers and tech savvy experts alike, regardless if the iPad will find a home in your briefcase or not, you should at least pay attention to what it means for your law firm’s website. Gone are the days when clients only found your website on their desktop computer monitor. With Internet access becoming more frequent on smartphones and netbooks, your web developer needs to make sure your content-rich website is easily accessible on mobile devices.

Optimizing a website for view on mobile devices like the iPad can range from a few lines of code to an entire separate redesign. What you choose to do is up to you and your web developer. But visuals aren’t the only thing you have to worry about when considering the client who only has time to research his need for an attorney on his Blackberry while taking the train home. Your Web content is also something you need to consider when trying to hook a potential client browsing your site on a smaller device. Just like the opening lines of this article, your content needs to catch their eye and appear on page in an easy-to-read format whether your client is reading it on a phone, netbook, laptop, iPad, or a desktop.

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