What to Write When There’s Nothing to Write About

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January 27, 2011 – Ever suffer from writers block? Anyone who’s written for an extended amount of time knows that awful feeling. You just can’t find a good topic or tangent to run with, and there you sit, fingers on the keyboard, staring at an empty screen.

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Sometimes, there just aren’t words to type.

Unfortunately, your blogs and websites aren’t going to magically draw traffic if you aren’t posting new content. Without fresh, updated content, a blog is just an archive of old news until you post a new piece. The solution to this dilemma is to relax your opinion on what makes content, content.

One of the most overlooked sources of content is your own clientele, mainly the questions they ask on a regular basis. Having an FAQ section on your website is an important feature, as many clients may be looking for answers to the same questions. Think about the questions you always hear in your business and use those as fodder for a great blog. Better yet, you can even start an “ask the expert” blog feature and invite readers to post their own questions for answering in a future blog. (just be careful about use of the word “expert”!)

Sometimes writing about a less serious topic can be just as useful as a well researched and informative article. You don’t always need to spend hours finding resources and references to craft an article when you could type up a fun, lighthearted anecdote in half the time. One of the best ways to easily write a blog related to your business is to just tell a story. What’s the funniest, or strangest, or most entertaining stories you have from your years in business, and what did you learn from those experiences?

Speaking of relating content to your business, why not chat about the state of your industry in your next blog? Just because YOU may not have anything super noteworthy to report on in your business doesn’t mean your entire industry is sleeping. Has something exciting happened recently in your industry? What changes are on the horizon that may impact your clients? Is there anything happening soon that you’d like to highlight?

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