What We Learned on Our SEO Summer Vacation: Article Headers

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It’s the article headings that serve as your content’s “book title” and they should relate to the information that’s to follow. Think about how you pick up new books – you read the title, right? Well, web content is laid out a bit differently, but an effective header goes a long way in either case.

Your header is more than just a bit of text at the top of the page that looks different; it does a lot of work promoting your web content behind the scenes. A properly coded page will have the article header functioning as what’s known as a H1 tag. This means it’s the most important header and should really stand out on the page.

Readers will see your H1 text as a larger, bolder piece of text at the top of the content that describes the content below, and Google will see it similarly as a clue as to what your content is really all about. Google sees the H1 designation in your page code and take those words (and keywords!) to heart.

So your article heading is where you want your primary keyword to stand out and introduce readers and search spiders to the main focus of your content. This is where your keyword selection is important. If your keyword is “Floridadrunk driving statistics” your article heading should read something like this:

Florida Drunk Driving Statistics Reveal Some Scary Realities about Car Accidents

After hooking the reader with that preview, your content better include the relevant facts and figures to back up that statement. Using irrelevant keywords in your article heading is going to raise a red flag to Google when they don’t find similar keywords and information in your content.

And what about your readers? They read your article heading and are now expecting someFloridadrunk driving statistics – you better deliver on that promise or they’ll lose faith in your website content!

Google’s always changing – can your SEO company keep up?

It’s pretty obvious that websites that constantly produce fresh, relevant content are going to be more appealing to both humans and search engine spiders. Fresh content written for readability is first priority, but once those words sound good it’s time to put them to work in the world of search engine optimization!

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