What We Learned on Our SEO Summer Vacation: Pluralization

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t’s been a little over a week since Damon gave us our first SEO refresher seminar and already we’re seeing some major bonuses! He recently analyzed one of our divorce attorney clients’ Google rankings and was excited to report that several of our articles on his website were ranking on the first page of Google! These weren’t for obscure keywords, either — these were among the top 100 high-competition conversion keywords that most websites only dream of ranking for!

So on that note, let’s talk keywords. There’s been a lot of back and forth on whether or not Google takes pluralization into consideration. Really, is there THAT much difference between “attorney” and “attorneys”? In the past there may have been, but today’s Google rules say no.

Pluralization of a word – whether it’s lawyer, attorney, law firm, divorce case, injury, accident, criminal charge, or any other legal term – doesn’t really matter. Google’s not wasting its time anymore on whether or not a keyword ends in an ‘s’. What they are focusing on is that it sounds natural in the context of your content.

This point is important when looking at “attorney” and “lawyer” in the content for a law firm with only one attorney. You’re not going to tell potential clients your office is home to the best “Memphisdivorce attorneys” when there’s only one of you – but you’re also not going to want to miss out on the chance to rank for that keyword! That’s the good news: Google doesn’t care about that ‘s’ after all, meaning you can avoid vague statements like:

Memphis divorce attorneys can help you with your divorce case.

…and make more confident, compelling action statements like:

Memphis divorce attorney John Doe has the experience and ambition to help make you a winner in your divorce case.

Does your SEO company understand that content doesn’t help if your readers don’t feel comfortable reading it? If they’re so focused on using exact keywords without a little “plural swapping” here and there, the content you’re getting could be turning away clients!

Google’s always changing – can your SEO company keep up?

It’s pretty obvious that websites that constantly produce fresh, relevant content are going to be more appealing to both humans and search engine spiders. Fresh content written for readability is first priority, but once those words sound good it’s time to put them to work in the world of search engine optimization!

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