What We Learned on Our SEO Summer Vacation: Synonyms

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We must be on a keyword kick and believe us – that’s still a big part of appealing to Google’s pandas, penguins, and whatever ‘p’ animal they throw at us next (we’re hoping for “Platypus” as the next algorithm revision).

Yesterday we talked pluralization and along those same lines we’re about to reveal something that may blow your mind:

You can use keyword synonyms.

Yep, you heard right. Variety is the spice of life, and why stick to calling yourself a “South Floridainjury lawyer” when you can be an attorney, too? Some types of law practice just sound better with one or the other:

  • Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Divorce Attorney
  • Disability Lawyer
  • Criminal Defense Attorney

We do realize that yes, there is a distinction between a lawyer and an attorney (for those of you unfamiliar, check out The Law Insider’s article on the subject). However, most of your potential clients are probably unaware of the difference – they just know they need a legal professional.

We find that ‘lawyer’ tends to have a more casual, friendly feel while ‘attorney’ is a bit more authoritative. Some of our writers have mentioned they prefer to use “attorney” for our law firms that deal with more white-collar legal matters such as probate, trusts & estates, and patents.

So now what do you do with this mind blowing revelation? Talk to your SEO content provider to tell him or her to get creative with the thesaurus! Don’t have an SEO content provider? What are you waiting for, give us a call!

Google’s always changing – can your SEO company keep up?

It’s pretty obvious that websites that constantly produce fresh, relevant content are going to be more appealing to both humans and search engine spiders. Fresh content written for readability is first priority, but once those words sound good it’s time to put them to work in the world of search engine optimization!

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