What We Learned on Our SEO Summer Vacation: Your URL

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Gone are the days when you could get away with page URLs likewww.yoursite.com/2358476.html or www.yoursite.com/page1.html – sure, they function, but they’re also wasting precious SEO space!

Google really does care about the URL of your content page, and they make sure your keyword rankings are impacted by that fact. As with most things ranking-related, keywords are “key” to drawing attention to your content on the search engine result pages.

Platforms like WordPress have made great improvements in helping novice bloggers get their SEO straight. When you write your keyword-rich page title, it typically becomes your page URL as well. But if that wasn’t good enough for you, there’s the option to go in and change your URL on your own.

Craft keyword-laden URLs, but don’t make them spammy. Throwing in irrelevant or redundant keywords could earn you a nice black hat designation – it’s almost as bad as the old days of hidden keyword blocks! As with page titles, lead with strong keywords and don’t waste space with filler words.

Not every content management system will be a nice as WordPress and give you so much control over your page URLs. You may need to talk to your webmaster about how to go about harnessing the additional power of custom URLs to drive more traffic to your website. Or better yet, give us a call and we’ll provide the solutions for you!

Google’s always changing – can your SEO company keep up?

It’s pretty obvious that websites that constantly produce fresh, relevant content are going to be more appealing to both humans and search engine spiders. Fresh content written for readability is first priority, but once those words sound good it’s time to put them to work in the world of search engine optimization!

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