What We Learned on Our SEO Summer Vacation

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We spent the summer polishing our SEO skills. So while our blog may have taken a “summer vacation”, we didn’t. Recently, the We Do Web Content team had the pleasure of starting an “SEO bootcamp” with our in-house expert, Damon. He’s been in the search engine optimization game since before Google was a household name – and his presentation served as a reminder that we’ve been doing a great job keeping up with the latest content needs!

Of course, we did learn a few new tricks to help improve the services we provide our clients. As our writers and editors are busy applying their new knowledge and reinforcing our already-enhanced search engine optimization services, we’ll be sharing some of these tidbits with you, too!

One of the signs of a reputable SEO content company is that it keeps up with the latest changes to search engine ranking methods. We can’t be experts on everything. That’s why we are not above seeking out others who are “in the know” for their advice and knowledge on the ever-changing world of search engine optimization and Internet marketing.

It’s a common back to school tradition to write the “How I spent my summer vacation” essay and starting tomorrow we’ll be doing just that – only in blog form! Don’t you wish your teachers allowed your essays to be in blog form?

Google’s always changing – can your SEO company keep up?

It’s pretty obvious that websites that constantly produce fresh, relevant content are going to be more appealing to both humans and search engine spiders. Fresh content written for readability is first priority, but once those words sound good it’s time to put them to work drawing visitors and potential clients to your website!

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