What You Should Know About Promoted Tweets

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May 5, 2010 – The Internet advertising world is buzzing with the latest Twitter announcement – they’re finally jumping into the world of advertising. While the social media network has already been used for various ad campaigns, it’s all been on a do-it-yourself style of use.

Now with Promoted Tweets, companies can buy featured space on the Twitter-stream to promote their business, product, event or service. Right now with the program just rolling out, Twitter is testing it with a small group of high-profile companies and only showing the Promoted Tweets on search results. However, it’s never too early to start learning the game, and here are some do’s and don’t’s to get you started:

DON’T think Promoted Tweets work just like any pay-per-click/view campaign.
Promoted Tweets stay active and frequent as long as they’re creating “resonance” within the Twitter world. Resonance is measured by how many users retweet or click the link in your Promoted Tweet.

DO make your Promoted Tweet content optimized for retweeting or use.
The more relevant and useful the content of your Promoted Tweet is, the more apt users are to retweet or click your link. These actions help keep your Promoted Tweet alive and continuing to do its job.

DON’T write your Promoted Tweet like a Google Ad.
Remember you only have 140 characters to work with, and that the relevance/interest of the message is key to keeping your Promoted Tweet cycling in the search results.

DO promote offers/coupons or valuable info.
Users are more apt to retweet a Promoted Tweet that offers their friends something of use, rather than just a Promoted Tweet announcing your new office manager. Lawyers can take advantage of Promoted Tweets to announce recent case victories, or important law changes relevant to their followers. These are the sort of interesting news items that are good fodder for retweeting.

DON’T just use Promoted Tweets. If
you’re starting a Twitter account just to use Promoted Tweets, you’re going to miss the point of Twitter. It’s a give-and-take system, don’t forget your followers.

DO devote time to continue to interact with your followers and update your news stream.
A Twitter presence is pretty useless after a while if all you do is yell promotions all the time and never take time to LISTEN. You don’t have to respond to every follower comment, but many businesses have used Twitter as an effective means of getting customer feedback for free.

DON’T separate the social aspect and the advertising aspect of Twitter.
The social appeal of a tweet is exactly what keeps a Promotional Tweet still circulating and creating resonance.

DO keep your Twitter team as-is.
If the person(s) responsible for your current Twitter campaign isn’t involved in advertising, get them talking to whoever is. Chances are they can brainstorm the most effective content for your Promoted Tweets to keep them running.

There’s still some time to go before local businesses can set up advertising campaigns with Promotional Tweets. You can see how they’re functioning in the first phase just by searching any term on Twitter’s main page (we searched “music” and got a Promoted Tweet from Virgin Airlines, promoting their RED in-flight entertainment system).

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