What’s in a Click? Analytics and Your Website

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April 6, 2010 – SEO, ROI, organic visitor…there’s a lot of buzz words thrown around when it comes to talking about what makes a successful website, but what it really boils down to, is whether or not it is working for your business. A website with a million hits a day isn’t necessarily successful if each of those hits is 2 seconds long and doesn’t result in any sort of gain for your firm.

To truly develop a good website, you need to look at who’s visiting your current site, if they are finding the pages/information you want them to, and where are they coming from. These questions can all be answered by site analytics – the statistics of visitor traffic to your website. Google Analytics leads the market, offering free analysis of your website traffic and integration with many of its marketing tools such as AdWords.

With analytics packages like Google’s, it’s easier than ever to see how potential clients are interacting with your site. One of the most important pieces of data your analytics site will ever give you is your “organic visitor” count. These are the clients that find your law firm’s website through a simple search engine query. They’re not client referral, they’re not a friend of a friend, they’re a brand new visitor just waiting to be your next client. They found your website because it has quality, custom content with good SEO.

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