When Feeling Nervous About School Isn’t Normal: Dealing with Bullies

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If your child seems to be having a particularly difficult time getting past the first day of school jitters, it is possible there is more going on than just the routine first day fears. In some cases where a child seems to be overly nervous about school, the underlying cause is problems with a bully.

Although your natural response to your child’s bullying problem will be to get upset, it is best to remain calm when your child tells you about his or her bully. A child who has been picked on by a bully already feels victimized and seeing you upset will only increase your child’s sense of weakness. Rather, experts recommend empowering your child by taking action and reporting the bullying to the school.

Your child’s school should have a bully policy already in place. If not, or if the policy is not adequate or it is poorly enforced, consider going to your school board to get the policy amended or make sure your school’s administration follows through on the problem properly.

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