When it Comes to Web Pages, Bigger is Not Better

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February 16, 2010 – So you’ve done your research, found your SEO keywords, and put together a great article that gives your readers all the information they are looking for. That Web page however, is now 2,000 words long. Do you know who’s going to read it? Nobody!

Unfortunately it’s true, great SEO content cannot stand on it’s own without being edited properly for the Internet, which includes the length of Web pages. While people may have no problem reading a long article in a magazine or a newspaper, their reading style changes dramatically when they are sitting at a computer screen that is beaming light into their faces. So what should you do with your great, but too long article?

Break it up!

Even something as simple as splitting that one long article into several smaller articles or splitting the article into parts and publishing each part on a new Web page (with links of course!), significantly increases the chances that your article will be read all the way through. It may sound strange, but readers will click on several pages to finish reading an article before they scroll all the way down one long page. Often Internet readers click on a Web page, just glance at the length of the content and leave immediately if it seems too long, even if they haven’t read one word yet.

While there are some people who have no problem reading an online article of that length, you certainly should not consider it the norm or only format your Web content for this slight minority. Keep your articles under 500 words or break up longer articles into smaller Web pages, your readers will thank you for it by actually reading your site’s content.

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