When It’s Time to Put Old Content Out To Pasture

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Believe it or not, most of your web content has a shelf life. The cloud storage trend is making it easier to lift the physical space limitations on website files, but that doesn’t mean that endless storage equals evergreen content.

The term “evergreen” in web content is content that never gets old. It’s factual, proven, tried and true – it never gets old, never goes out of style, never becomes obsolete. Not every industry can say they have “evergreen” topics, and even those who do need to be careful because even if the topic is still relevant, that content can still become stale.

So how do you tell when content either needs a refresh or is ready to head to retirement?

Let’s Have Some Fun Evaluating Your Web Content!

Let’s pretend that the content you’re evaluating is an employee in your content marketing division. She’s been with the company for several months now and has always performed well. She’s holding strong in keyword ranking and page views. This sounds like a model employee, keep her!

Now the second employee comes into your office. He’s been with the company for several years and has never given you a bit of trouble. However, the past few months he’s been slowing down in his numbers. He’s no longer ranking front page for keywords he used to be good with, and users are bouncing from his page much more frequently.

Sounds like the second employee is reaching the end of his career with your company – or is he? Here’s where you need to evaluate his current role and see if there’s anything you can do to help him find a new, relevant place in your company instead of having to lay him off!

Refresh or Retire: The Old Content Dilemma

If the content is still pretty useful but just a little outdated, a refreshment may be the fix you need to keep it around and performing again. The actual page on your site – that URL – has ranked for certain keywords in the past, so Google knows it’s good stuff. All you need is to give it a little “continuing education” or new training to make it a model employee again.

The refreshment strategy works best with pages that rely heavily on statistics to be a good, informative page. One of our main uses for refreshment is when a client has a page on car accident statistics for his or her state. Every year, pages like these need to be refreshed in order to keep them relevant.

However, topics like current local news stories are usually candidates for retirement after they’re no longer news. If you’re a car accident attorney following a string of fatal accidents at a specific local intersection, these are great stories to draw attention to road hazards and accident claims. However, once the problems at that intersection are fixed, and families of the victims just want to move on and stop seeing news stories about their loved ones’ accident on the web, it’s time to take that content down for good.

We Do Web Content Can Be Your Content HR Manager

Let us do the “hiring and firing” of your content! We Do Web Content helps businesses evaluate their current content and refresh or retire what’s there while adding fresh, quality content to keep their libraries relevant! Contact us today and get in touch with our sales team to learn what We Do Web Content can do for you! Call 888-594-5442.