When to Edit Published SEO Content

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November 18, 2009 – Usually when you publish a piece of SEO content, the article/blog/etc. has already gone through an editing process (or several), and for the most part you’re done. There are some occasions however, when you may need to go back change a few keywords or Meta tags. In this blog we’ll look at when you should think about re-editing your content and when to let it be.


Writing effective SEO content means doing research in advance to find the best keywords for your business and industry. After a few months go by though, you may discover that the keywords you thought were important aren’t really working out the way you thought they would but a similar phrase is performing much better. At this point you can either go re-edit some of your older pieces or create new SEO content with the newly found keyword. Unless the keywords you originally worked into your article are just non-existent in searches, it is usually a better idea to leave them alone and create fresh SEO content with the new keywords.

If you have the time and resources, it is ok to go back and edit the keywords of your older pieces.The main issue is simply the amount of time editing those pieces would take and what other work productively you would be losing out on versus what you would gain through the keyword editing process. If there are only a few articles and someone has the time and knowledge to get the edits done, great! If not, your time may be better spent creating new SEO content and promoting your website through other avenues.


Even the best writers can miss a typo in their work, especially if they have been looking at the same piece of SEO content for hours. If you publish a piece of web content and later notice (or someone alerts you to) a typo, it is absolutely in your best interest to go in and fix the issue right away.Creating a website that represents your company and brand involves paying special attention to your web content; typos and grammar mistakes make your business look cheap and unprofessional. Plus, if you can’t convince your web visitor that you care enough about your website to write in proper English, why would they trust you enough to purchase your services?

Outdated or Wrong Information

Times change, perspectives change, and sometimes new information surfaces that proves our previous assumptions were wrong. So what happens when you are hosting SEO content on your site with outdated information? Well, for one thing it makes your company look bad to not have accurate information on your website, so once again, this is definitely one of those times where you need to go in and change that content.

If the SEO content was time sensitive, meaning it is discussing statistics from 10 years ago and is just outdated, you don’t have to delete it or even edit it as this is an occasion for creating a new piece of SEO content with more recent statistical information on that topic. The SEO content you only really need to worry about editing or deleting is information that contains non-facts presented as facts that may confuse your readers.

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